Below are the steps that Endeavour Conveyancing will guide you through, when buying a property.

  • Select the property you wish to purchase and negotiate the price with the Real Estate Agent.
  • After taking your instructions Endeavour Conveyancing Services will order Pest, Building or Strata inspection reports (if required) for your consideration.
  • Contact your lender to arrange any finance required for your purchase and you should then provide us with a copy of your loan approval letter.
  • The Agent or the Vendor’s Conveyancer will email us the contract for sale.
  • The Contract will be fully explained to you by a Licensed Conveyancer at our office.
  • Contracts are then exchanged and the 10% deposit paid to the Agent.  A 5% deposit can be negotiated if the Vendor agrees.  The Vendor and Purchaser are bound by the conditions of the contract from the date of exchange.
  • Settlement is usually six weeks from the date of exchange of contracts but this can be negotiated to suit all parties.
  • During that time Endeavour Conveyancing Services will obtain all necessary searches and enquiries and attend to all your lenders security requirements.
  • Endeavour Conveyancing Services attends settlement on your behalf to complete the purchase.  Where possible, we will settlement your matter electronically.  The benefit to a purchaser of an electronic settlement is that you are registered as the owner of the property immediately thereby reducing the potential risk of fraud.
  • Endeavour Conveyancing Services will phone you immediately settlement is completed. We will also advise the Real Estate Agent and you can collect the keys.
  • The council and Sydney Water are notified of the transfer of ownership.
  • Within 2 days of settlement you will receive a detailed Settlement Statement and a receipt for Endeavour Conveyancing Service’s costs.
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